This is the most exciting time of a pregnant mother’s life which gives her the opportunity to connect with her close friends and family before she steps into the life of motherhood. It’s the time to finally celebrate the bundle of joy that is going to fill the house with happiness and smiles brightening up the entire house. Following these simple steps can help you organize the baby shower with less amount of stress.

Decide the Theme

Picking on a theme can be very exciting since it should make the ‘Mother to be’ feel amazingly happy about the layout and make it full of surprises. There are pastel colored themes which is a trending one these days and having the best DIY decoration options with it. If not, you can always go for a floral themed one or any other preference which will make the baby shower look elegant. Once you have picked out the theme. it’s time to create the invitation cards and send it out to the invitees to save the date.

Meal Preps

It’s not hard to decide on a range of snacks but make sure you have the right choices to relish the taste buds of everyone. Firstly, the meals you serve can be for a high tea session or a main meal such as dinner. Since baby showers are mostly the adult friends of the ‘Mother to be’ you can have a finger food selection and a cocktail bar with various picks. If you are serving dinner, you can go on something easy like fettucine pasta or even a range of Thai or Chinese food. After all, it’s nothing to stress about since people come to enjoy and they need something light to fill their tummies

Decorations and Music

You can always do DIY decorations with the theme you choose. Layout a table full of sweets and the cake in a creative way since it will be the centerpiece of the party. It’s going to be where the most celebration will take place. You can also prepare a slash to the ‘Mother to be’ to feel special and have balloons and twinkly lights to brighten up the place. You can have saxophone music or even Ukulele music in the beginning of the party and spice up things with hip hop songs after a while.

Fun and Pictures

Planning few games for the invitees to play will make them enjoy and have some cheerful laughs going around. You can have treasure hunt games or even musical chairs to get the party started. All in all, its important to capture these smiles and especially the precious moment of the ‘mother to be’ having fun. Not all photographers will be good at capturing these but you can contact professional ones in this field like baby photography studio Singaporewho are specialized in capturing stunning photos with the natural look of the ‘Mother to be’.

These few steps will be very helpful in the organizing process to have a stress free and a gorgeous baby shower to the special lady.

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