It doesn’t matter the device that you own, everyone in this world is a photographer. It’s just that some are well equipped and well educated on it. In the end of the day, photography is a line of work and a great hobby to explore the beautiful world. Every day, new devices come into the market and with them comes hacks and tricks to be a better photographer. This is not about avoiding the flasher and using more ISO but unconventional ways to improve your photography game.

Here are 5 photography hacks that every photographer must know.

  1. Remember the rule of the 3rd

The rule of the 3rd states that in a photograph, it takes much more attention aesthetically when the core object is places in either in a one third of an area excluding the center. In fact, you may have seen how most aesthetic and creative photos don’t take the entire space in a photograph. This is a long ago discovered hack that everyone should know.

  1. Pay attention to the light always

Have you noticed how the image almost lags when a photo is being taken in low light by a mobile? This is because the sensors of the mobile camera is trying to grasp the major components that it should focus on. On the top of that, you must know where the light is coming from when you’re taking a picture. That way, you can adjust the placement of the camera as needed.

  1. Try using sandwich bags

If you own a DSLR camera and haven’t ever used the sandwich bag trick, you’re missing out a lot. Sometimes, if the quality is high enough, this even works with mobile cameras. All you have to do is wrapping the lens in a way that it doesn’t obstructs the view but brings a hazy look. This trick is truly amazing for DIY portrait photos that needs the natural aesthetic nature.

  1. Use items around you to impose artistic effects

Have you ever tried directing a light that comes from a mesh on a photo? Or tried using light beams that pass through water? Photography is all about using the elements in the environment to enhance both materialistic and DIY quality of photographs. Think for yourself, you can always try things out, that’s the quality of a great photographer.

  1. Use laptop screens to enhance beauty

You won’t believe how amazing lighted up laptop screens look as backgrounds for aesthetic photos when blurred. You can try it right now and see it for yourself. Maybe it will be the only background you will ever need.

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