There are many types of special effect equipment available that will ensure that your event will be very successful.

If you have been searching for CO2 machine Singapore stores, then you might discover that there are many available but then you need to ensure that you hire the equipment from a reliable place that will not con you.

CO2 Equipment

The smoke that you see as a fog-like effect is actually carbon dioxide that is produced by the smoke machines. These machines will help enhance the excitement at performances as it gives a touch of mystery and thrill. These include coloured lights, which will allow the colour of the lights to change as well. They are easy to use and customizable and versatile. Your guests will be impressed and this is guaranteed. There are jets and guns available.

Aroma Machines

Aroma machines are used to fill a space with different ranges of scents and smells. These are useful for exhibitions, interactive events and parks. These machines are loaded with a jar that has aroma in it which can even last up to a few weeks depending on how it is used. Some can even be controlled using a remote.

B200 Bubbles Machine

The B200 bubble machine produced a lot of bubbles, which are long lasting as they are, dry and do not pop as quickly as the normal soap bubbles. They are quite famous at birthday parties, raves, water parks and special sorority parties.

Confetti guns and blasters

One thing you are guaranteed to find at a special effects items store is confetti gun or a blaster. You will find these used at an event such as a competition and even a stadium game. There are about five versions of this machine based on the location that it will be used for.

Flame bar

These bars are able to produce flames that are up to two metres high. These are used in movies and movie production studios and we fire mainly produced from this machine. There are a few variances of this machine as well.

Inflatable Lightning Dome

This is like a Faraday Cage, which can be used for Tesla coil effects. This requires the area to be flat and then the equipment will be placed with enough vertical clearance along with the power supply.

Lightning tube

These are perfect for visuals for events such as live events, science showers and private or corporate parties.

Just ensure that when you hire these equipment that you return it back in the same condition. Also remember to hire the equipment from a company that has good reviews.

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