If you have always had an eye for detail, very imaginative, creative and love flowers, maybe a career in floral design is right for you. If you love gardening and develop a love for flowers, it is automatically assumed you can never have a career in it, maybe just a hobby. Floral design is more than putting a bunch of flowers together in a bouquet. A person who loves to be one with nature, and truly embraces the beauty nature has to offer may want to seek a potential career in floral design.


What do you do if a flower a customer wants has not bloomed in season? Nature has its ups and downs and may not always work in our favor. As a floral designer you have to be able to think outside the box and please your customer, no matter what nature throws at you. Creativity is an important element to succeeding in this industry. You have to be able to convince your customer another similar flower may look just as beautiful as their first choice. You may even have to do a quick sample and show them your potential to gain their trust. This is where your creative ability comes into action.


With anything in life, there needs determination to succeed. You need to declare that you will succeed! That is exactly what florist sg have done. Serving not only their customers but their community. Florists can find challenges in their career especially when it comes to delivering fresh flowers to their customer on time. With a successful business plan and training it is possible to have a successful business in floral design.


It is always good to stay connected to your community and be social. Ways to stay connected involve going to any get together or community events. Remembering customer’s birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. will help you to stay connected to customers and remind them to also place orders with you. It is very much a requirement that success in floral design requires you to be a people person.


Having a genuine passion for flower arrangements can get you far in your career. Does your heart start beating fast when you see a rose? Do you fall in love with the scents of jasmine? Is there a desire to grow your own flowers and see them bloom? If you answered “yes” to all these questions then you have a passion for a career in floral design. You need to immerse yourself in nature and fall in love with natural beauty.

Floral design does not have to be just a hobby, it can be a successful business. If you have a passion and desire to commit and learn, it will be successful.

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