The task of a talented photographer is to capture moments at their best. It can be a smile, it can be tear, or even a jump a frog takes, all what is needed is a good lens, good eye and a good timing. This is common to all types of photography including wild photography, event photography or the corporate photography.

In this article we are specifically discussing about the business attire photography or the corporate photography singapore . The name suggests more of a formal type of a task, and earlier, some years back – corporate photography is all about capturing a business deal moment. That is the same reason why these were called business attire captions. But now, at a time when the founder of Facebook and even the CEO of Apple attends their formal meetings with a simple T shirt and denim trouser, who said being professional had to do something with the dress. So, the corporate photography, today, has seen its new dimensions where it is more relaxed, cool and pleasant.

Here are some tweaks of this thinking change, and how corporate photography has evolved.

Customers and investors embrace personality, rather than professionalism

Yes, if you are running a business, you should be professional. In terms of how you work, and do things for your stake holders. But, do your necessarily have to show it, even by the photos you take?

This is why corporate photography now a days is simple. Corporate photography now focusses on team shots. They emphasize on how closely linked the team mates are within the company, and even through the annual reports and other corporate reports, what they try to bring out is this ‘good place to work’ kind of sense to the general public.

Team shots show what the company is as a whole to all it stake holders. Sometimes, these employees can be in their casual attires, or even the company T shirts, having fun with each other at work.

Businesses also need to have natural moments captured

Another very important transformation of corporate photography is that they now capture natural moments. These are the shots that are embraced by the public as well. Have you seen banks advertising about customer service of their bank, having a photo where an employee takes a client in a wheel chair in to the bank with care? Yes, this is what is meant by corporate photos being natural more and more. Since humans are naturally emotional, chances are that they get attracted to places where their hearts are addressed.

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