It’s not too difficult to see why video is important in the marketing world today, for one thing, its an easy-to-digest method of getting your message across to your clients in a form of graphics and limited textual content, which is what the 21st century customer is looking for.  This also explains why the world watched 1 billion hours of YouTube per day! But why video is a questioned posed by many, hence we have provided you a few reasons as to why it is video.

Informing and educating

Long gone are the days where you would pitch a product to your customer. They don’t require it, neither do they desire it. The moment you provide customers with a direct sales pitch, the higher the chance of you losing your sale. What the current customer wants now is information, information and information. However, there is a difference between bombarding your customer with information that will send them running away from your site and providing your customer information that is relevant, timely and interesting. What better way to provide them what they want than through video, where you could incorporate all your content in the form of graphics which are much pleasing to the eye than text. 97% of marketers claim that videos help customers to understand the product better and that is exactly what we want isn’t it?

Building trust

Trust can be called the foundation to conversion and sales. At the end of the day, that is our primary goal, to sell our product. But the process of building trust is a goal on its own considering that trust is not easily won just because you provided your customer a one time great offer. Considering that video content will help engage customers and ignite emotions within them customers tend to feel close to your brand which ultimately builds trust and loyalty resulting in conversion and sales.


Videos are known to encourage social shares. This not only provides you with a wider range of audience but also supplies you with great engagement rates. Social Media too is seen to be hopping on the video bandwagon with its Live videos, Instagram Stories and what not, providing you an array of opportunities to market yourself.

Whenever you create a video you need to remember that people share emotions and not facts. These emotions can be provided to your customers initially through perfectly curated kickstarter videos, then followed but up with different types of videos such as interviews, employee videos, content/informative videos, etc. so just think about it.

You don’t need to switch to video marketing overnight, just give it a small shot with a video or two and see how things work out for you. You might thank me later (or let’s hope you do).

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