Marketers face a wider responsibility than ever today. There are various and many number of challenges they face when trying to fulfill the objectives of an effective marketing campaign. Teams and budgets are now flexible for many companies; however marketing has even more trials to be faced in this digitalised times.

Achieving a valuable return on the money spent

Most companies view marketing as a cost centre rather than a profit or investment centre. Age-old belief of “marketers spending money for nothing” like views have led to C suites ignoring the outcome of the spend. It is true that mass media spend such as TV, radio and press costs are quite high compared to buying a set of chairs for the staff or conducting a medical camp for them. However it must be remembered that unless the name of the company is out there, there won’t be any sales hence the revenues and profits are not generated. Managing the cost of marketing and making it effective and efficient so that the return is valuable enough is the target that must be followed by any organisation.

Understand your customer

Of course, to decide what to do to promote your products and services you must first have a clear idea of whom you are selling them to. Despite the various ethical certifications and promises organisations issue, a study has shown that four out of ten customers do not trust the mainstream companies to protect their data and use those data responsibly. This sort of thoughts and behaviour can lead to customers not trusting the brand and hence brand loyalty going down. It is important to study your customers and research on what sort of marketing tactics will be effective for them. Press and related methods are now getting older; people are more and more using digital media to get to know about products and services, therefore using new methods such as animated explainer videos Singapore can be a novel as well as an interesting way to achieve better results.

Choices and prices

Today, there are many choices customers can make. They are give the opportunity to test things out, return if not satisfied and more. Both B2B and B2C customers are led today by wide choices, positivity or negativity of the experience and price. If all these three are not delivered towards the satisfaction of today’s consumers, there is more chance of you losing the sale. Understanding these behavioural patterns which are emerging and new is vital to the success of the marketing function of any organisation. To set the record straight it must be shown to the industry that spending for marketing is a must. But the right way of showing it, is to generate results from the activities that are already been done.

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