Many event organizers consider having a photo booth during their events Indeed, this can incorporate a good message and an experience of a lifetime to the guests. To save your time and money, here are the tips on how to find the right photo booth for your events:

Know the Type of Event

The first thing to consider is to know the type of event. This may seem obvious but this is the most basic. Remember, not all photo booths are fit for all type of events. The booth used in a debut may not be suitable for graduation. Some booths have automated catchy phrase that appears on the screen like in  kl photobooth. The message may seem nice for teenagers but it might not fit for a mature crowd.

Available Space

In function rooms, space can be limited. This can affect the kind of photo booth that you need to set up. As such, you can opt to have an open-air station to have a smaller footprint. You can also use the mirror-styled kiosk. Make sure to determine the size of the backdrop too. Generally, the backdrop can measure around 8 feet x 10 feet and it requires wall space before you can set it up. For big rooms, take advantage of the spacious location. You can put decorations on it so it won’t look dull during the event.

Check the Props

Ask the service providers if they will be using fresh or reused props for the event. Oftentimes, the dirt of the previous events is visible on the props. It can look disgusting and gross on the pictures, so always check on this one.

Backup Equipment

Ask the owners if they have backup equipment readily available on the site. The majority of the booths use complex technology like camera, printer, and lighting. Sometimes, unexpected things can happen. As such, it is best to have a backup at the venue.

Cheap Options are not Always the Best

Today, the competition amongst the photo booth providers are going intense. They are dropping their prices to land a deal with many clients. All the while, clients thought that they can save money with cheap service providers. Little do they know that the quality is compromised.

Communicate with the booth owners and ask the hours of the kiosk’s availability. Try to see if someone will assist the booth. Finally, ensure the package inclusion so you can have the best deal out of your money.

In a nutshell, you must avoid committing mistakes when hiring services for a photo booth. Events happen only once and you must bring the best experience for your guests. Remember the tips above to save money, effort, and time in the future.

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