A family photo session is a huge task for a photographer and it can sometimes lead to stressful events. However, if you master some tricks, the shoot can become enjoyable and fun. Indeed, this is a nice opportunity to capture moments of joy and love. Thus, here are some do’s and don’ts that you must remember to be able to start successful family photography.

Tell the Family Members What to Do

If your clients are enjoying the family photography singapore, then there is a big chance that you can have beautiful photos. You can possibly find a family that has past experience in photo shoots and they like posing in front of the camera. However, this is not a common thing.

Indeed, posing for the camera is not a natural thing for some clients. Some of the members of the family might not feel comfortable to pose in front of the camera. Sometimes, this discomfort is visible in the photo and it is hard to hide it.

Instead of giving them orders on how to pose, you can organize the shoot and provide activities. For example, they can play, dance, walk, run, hide behind a tree, lean on a wall, hug each other, or others. While the family is having lots of fun, you can take candid photos. With this, your images will look awesome and this will remind them of the awesome time that they spend together.

Avoid Posing Facing the Sun

If it is possible, avoid letting the family posing toward the sun or any strong light source. For many people, taking family photos with the sun at the back of the subject is not appropriate.

You might think that if you let them pose in front of the sun, it will offer more light. However, the end result will be unflattering. There can be ugly shadows that can appear in the nose, eyebrows, and neck.

Moreover, the family members can be annoyed with the light that shines in their eyes. They could squint or close their eyes until the session is over. To avoid this problem, ask them to turn around.

Do Not Get Overwhelmed with Editing the Photos

Family photos are captured so it can last for a long period of time. These are the type of images that we keep so we can check it again after many years and show to our grandkids. As such, you don’t need to apply too many trending editing effects and styles. These can look unappealing and weird twenty years after. Your goal is to create timeless photos. Thus, you can choose to have simple and classic photo styles instead.

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