If you are working in marketing or a sales department, you might be able to understand the importance of promotions and marketing new and existing products. It is true that word of mouth is the best way to market any product which can range from education to new software. Therefore, your marketing and promotions should be interested in making the people to talk about your brand or company or institution. Here are few effective promotions and marketing ideas to launch great campaigns for your products.

Effective Promotions and Marketing techniques

If it is a product that customer can have a test run with the product then run a contest and give selected few an exclusive preview of the product and allow them to use it. For these types of contests, it is better suited to choose people with strong social media presence whereby you will be able to get a free social media footprint. You should make it a point to help the people to create good memories with the brand or the company. You can supply photo booth for some carnival or event where you will be able to find your target population. It is important to make sure that the pictures are great and the frames contain catchy phrases with company products or company logo. If people were able make an emotional connection to your product then people would want to buy your products.

You can conduct a purely social media contest where you can have giveaways or contest price or sweepstakes. It is fun and easy way of connecting to the customers. It is a more interactive and people will easily get to your products because they will be talking about it to their relatives and other circle of people they will know.

It is important for your company or institute or brand to have a social media presence and website. This will serve as a customer to service provider touch base mainly if you are an online business. You can also ask the people who check out your website to subscribe to your newsletters thereby you will be able to email marketing.

In addition to above mentioned, there are several well tested and researched theories like 4C’s of Marketing and several others theories which can used to test the credibility and feasibility of your marketing technique or promotions. If you are unsure, you can always hire companies which are involved in branding and marketing who will help you to develop your company through the incorporation of various ideologies and theories.

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