Cliché? Probably, but not that much. It is true that we are now in a generation with a much advanced technology that won’t need to work harder than the people before. Despite that, this generation has become very dependent to the things around them. They hold on to the things that make them want to go nuts or wild rather than the things that will make them feel at ease. They are challenged with everything that they face which makes it even harder and crazier to catch up.

Many people commit crimes or even, some people end up doing things that they regret or due to mental illness or emotional depression. It is a very sad day to live in but we could still be happy. Others decide that it’s better to live your life with a person who will be there in all circumstances. All year round to be with someone who likes them for who they are and are committed with each other for the rest of their lives.

These moments are nice to capture as much as it is to see it live. There are pre-nup wedding shoots done and some even tend to go with an overseas wedding photoshoot. At first, you may feel that it’s too much but once the years have passed and you look back on how great you were together and how happy you were to fall in love with each other and end up being together makes you feel better. The positivity lies beneath you and you just have to dive to get them out of there.

Pull yourself up and make sure to capture and to store these things in every gadget that you have. Might as well as print it as a hard copy to ensure that no matter what happens even if a tragedy happens you could still have your photos with you. It’s always nice to look back at things and think of the great things behind those moments.

For some, this only happens once and they tend to get and make the most out of it. Maybe you will be spending much more than you usually have thought but the idea of it makes you crazier that it makes you think. All will be worth it in the end. It might be hard to stretch a little more in your pocket but it will surely be one of a kind because this day of yours is not about the things or the people that will be surrounding you but instead the person that you are celebrating that day with.

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